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Sponsor of the Month: Military Mommies

We are so pleased to feature our first 2020 Sponsor of the Month, Military Mommies! Military Mommies is a veteran-owned company that specializes in durable medical equipment for Tricare beneficiaries, including breastpumps, breastfeeding supplies, and prenatal and postpartum support equipment. They are also a military-spouse employer. Check out our linked blog posts here, here and here from 2019 to learn more. For more information on how your company can become a sponsorship partner, contact our Development Director Maria Batlle.

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since you’ve properly heard from us, so we just wanted everyone to know we are still here and active! We are always available to answer any of your questions regarding pregnancy and parenthood, and we are always here to offer our support. Don’t be shy to reach out, we love to hear from you!

If you aren’t already following us on Facebook @militarymommieschantilly and Instagram @militarymommies1, make sure to do so! We regularly ask questions in hopes of starting a conversation among moms. We want to hear from you and get you connected with people going through similar things, because we all know parenthood and pregnancy can be stressful and scary. With Military Mommies you can talk to the other moms in our community and know that you are not alone.

Every week on Facebook we post #MilitaryMommiesTipTuesday where we offer small nuggets of advice that will help with the daily struggles of being a parent. This is just another benefit of following us on social media!

If you’re new here, here are some of the things we do and offer:

- We have individual representatives stationed around the country and internationally who can answer questions you may have, and help you pick out the perfect breast pump.

- Our resupply program lets you receive insurance covered breast pump supplies. Just upload your prescription, and we will take care of the work for you! The program starts 30 days after you’ve given birth and may continue for 36 months.

- We offer a wide variety of products to help you during and after pregnancy. These products include breast pumps and breast pump supplies, pregnancy pillows, compression garments, postpartum garments, belly boostiers, and more.

If you’re pregnant or a new mom and you’re feeling uncertain or alone, reach out to us! We love meeting new moms and helping them through this incredible journey. We want our community to grow, and Military Mommies welcomes you with open arms.






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