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Sponsor of the Month: Milk N Mamas Baby

Milk N Mamas Baby provides new mothers, military spouses, and female servicemembers with breastpumps and accessories that are 100% covered by your insurance provider.

Being a modern parent is tough. We feel incredible pressure to have it all and do it all. We want to nurture our infants, and we want to cultivate our careers. We want to ensure our children have all the resources they need to have healthy bodies and sharp minds, and we want to make sure our own bodies and minds are in peak condition. Usually, we want to take care of it all at the same time.

Military parents face even bigger challenges. You’re tasked with staying in tiptop physical condition and honing razor-sharp mental focus. You’ve got round the clock duties and a constant call to improve your skills and abilities. You’re managing relationships and proving your capabilities to people who don’t always appreciate what you’re up against and how far you have to go every day to fulfill all of your responsibilities. And you’re still driven to breastfeed your newborn so that they can benefit from the most nutrient-rich food source available to them.

Unfortunately, sometimes stress and hormonal shifts created by these overwhelming demands may negatively impact your milk supply. The cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine produced by your body to help you cope with stress can wear you down physically and emotionally, or demanding shifts may mean you skip pumping sessions. Less milk removed sends your body a message to slow down production, and you may struggle to keep up with your infant’s milk demands.

How can military parents relieve some of the stress of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding offers many rewards. When you’ve got plenty of time on your hands and you can enjoy the experience, it’s a powerful bonding experience. It offers your infant exactly what they need to grow healthy and strong. However, many military parents rely on pumping to meet their babies’ nutritional needs. While pumping is handy, it’s definitely not as relaxing as nursing, and it requires planning and special equipment. Choosing the right pump can help to reduce the stress of breastfeeding and simplify the process.

An innovative new breastpump that makes breastfeeding easy for time-strapped parents

At Milk N Mamas Baby, we’ve rounded out our inventory of best-selling breast pumps like Spectra and Medela with the innovative BabyBuddha line of breast pumps. As the name suggests, BabyBuddha breast pumps give new moms peace of mind. It’s as close to a Zen experience as you can get while pumping milk.

The BabyBuddha design is streamlined, eliminating the crazy cords and cables that can make pumping a tactical nightmare. The rechargeable, portable pump is operated by an intuitive trackball control that hangs comfortably around your neck via a lanyard, and it’s quiet, too, which makes pumping more discreet. It’s also safe for your baby. It’s a closed system with 100% BPA-free construction, so you don’t have to worry about contamination or backflow. With ingenious detachable tubing ports and breast shields, it’s even easy to clean.

Military parents qualify for a FREE Breast Pump!

If you’re a military servicemember or spouse, you can receive a zero cost breast pump through Tricare. You’ll save hundreds of dollars while enjoying the health and wellness benefits for you and your baby.

To make things easy for busy parents like you, Milk N Mamas Baby has created a seamless approach to the breast pump ordering process. Our customer support staff can offer you expert product knowledge and breastfeeding advice, and we’ll even assist with obtaining your prescription. You’ll have your new breastpump delivered directly to you in no time.

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots is a tough calling. Make it a little easier with a time-saving, no-hassle breast pump from Milk N Mamas Baby.

Like many moms, Krisi LaMont divides her time between nurturing her family and providing for them. As the founder of the breastfeeding supply company Milk N Mamas Baby, Krisi provides military moms, milspouses, and other nursing moms with products that optimize breastfeeding success. She understands the stresses and strains of balancing family and work, so she works extra hard at making breastfeeding easier through a streamlined online ordering process and compassionate, expert guidance.

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