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The Breastfeeding Shop - Your Tricare Breastpump Solution

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and we are excited to announce this August also brings our first ever corporate sponsorship from The Breastfeeding Shop!

Our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is 100% volunteer, run on donations and fundraisers. As we grow, we are expanding our funding sources to include sponsorships, with prices and options for all size businesses--from WAHMs with home-based businesses to large corporations or organizations. Our first sponsor, The Breastfeeding Shop, is a natural fit. Our members have been raving about the excellent customer service, fast delivery, and ease of processing a Tricare breastpump prescription--and they also are a sponsor of our sister organization, Breastfeeding in Combat Boots.

One of the most common questions we get in Mom2Mom chapters is "how do I get my breastpump?" Tricare policy provides one new personal pump (manual or standard double-electric) per birth or adoption. Your OB-GYN, PCM, or pediatric provider can write a prescription any time from pregnancy to 36 months after birth. When it comes to answering the question of how to obtain a pump, the answer military moms give is "The Breastfeeding Shop". Military families, especially those stationed overseas, often struggle to obtain medical equipment, but The Breastfeeding Shop takes all the headaches out of getting your pump. But don't take our word for it--listen to what military moms all over the world are saying:

The Breastfeeding Shop is a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier that works directly with Tricare to fill your prescription. You can choose from their wide variety of pumps. Then fill out their simple order form, and upload, scan, email, or fax your prescription. The Breastfeeding Shop will process your order, send out your new pump and any accessories included under Tricare, and they bill Tricare directly, so there's no cost to you.

We are thrilled to welcome The Breastfeeding Shop as our first-ever Mom2Mom Global sponsor! To learn more about how you can become a sponsor, contact our Outreach Director, Maria Batlle.

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