Mom2Mom Global and Breastfeeding in Combat Boots are proud to announce the Military Lactation Counselor training and credential!  

  • Equitable, culturally appropriate support for the unique needs of breastfeeding military families

  • Ideal for military or civilians working with breastfeeding military families in a wide variety of settings (hospitals, birth centers, outpatient clinics, WIC centers, New Parent Support, etc)

  • Chapter directors/ambassadors get 50% off tuition

  • Equity pricing to improve access to the lactation field for military servicemembers and spouses!  While most comparable lactation education courses charge between $600-700 or more, the MiLC pricing intentionally removes the cost barriers for people who wish to support military breastfeeding

    • $500 tuition​

    • $350 for DOD ID-cardholders

    • $250 for M2MG/BFINCB volunteers (find a chapter or start one!)

    • Scholarships available for those with a demonstrated need Apply now

  • 53-hour lactation training leading to certification as a Military Lactation Counselor (MiLC)

    • Learn at your own pace with our hybrid online modules and practical, community-based assignments 

    • Improve your understanding of Tricare breastfeeding benefits and reimbursement

    • Internship placements for lactation telehealth learning and mentorship

  • Recognized by IBLCE for 21.5 L-CERPs and 3 E-CERPs  

  • Verification #C2002202

  • Fulfill hours for IBLCE Pathway 1 OR Pathway 3