Amy Barron Smolinski, MA, ALC, CLC

Amy is the longest running active participant in Mom2Mom history.  She became a Peer Mentor in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), Germany in 2008.  In 2010, she accepted an invitation to expand Mom2Mom KMC’s breastfeeding advocacy and outreach in the local community.  Amy was the first ever Community Outreach Director for Mom2Mom KMC, and helped to shape the organizational structure and mission. She served on the inaugural KMC Board of Directors until 2014.  In 2015, the KMC Board determined the need for a larger parent organization to support new chapters at other military communities, and Amy accepted the responsibility for creating Mom2Mom Global®, a national nonprofit network of support and advocacy for breastfeeding military families, eventually taking the position of Executive Director.  A Certified Lactation Counselor and Advanced Lactation Consultant, Amy counsels breastfeeding mothers and babies as a volunteer in the community.  


Amy has been a presenter at international lactation conferences and published articles and essays on peer breastfeeding support for military families.  She is a founding member of the Military Breastfeeding Coalition working group, and the U.S. World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) working group, and serves as the Board Treasurer for the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee.  Amy is the wife of a U.S. Army Reservist stationed in Germany, and she breastfed all four of her children.

Global Executive Director

Felisha Brooks-Floyd, BS, CLC, IBCLC

Felisha is an active duty Air Force Wife, and proud mother of three breastfed children whom she nursed for 18 months, 3+ years and 2+ years.  Almost a decade ago, she was inspired to seek a career field to help mothers breastfeed.  While stationed at Warner Robins AFB and Charleston AFB, she often secretly suffered in silence alone struggling to overcome her own breastfeeding challenges.  Spurred by her own experiences, Felisha became a passionate advocate for equity in lactation, bringing fierce passion and a deep understanding of the intersectional challenges to breastfeeding facing both the military and African American communities. 

Felisha is the Lactation Coordinator for Hospital Corporations of America system in Florida, and she also offers infant feeding support, mentorship, and education to her local community via her private practice, Beyond Breastfeeding. Felisha is the founder of Our Brown Baby, a community based breastfeeding support group, which serves to provide specialized culturally sensitive breastfeeding support to families of color.  She is also a Center for Social Inclusion First Food Equity Cohort member.  Felisha is currently making efforts to help increase breastfeeding rates in the communities of color by serving in as a founding member and President of NAPPLSC (National Assoication of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color).  Fearlessly passionate about this mission, she is also affectionately known as “Blactavist!” (Black Lactation Activist).  This online community consists of approximately 38,000 supporters on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, and is dedicated to empowering African American families to breastfeed.

Felisha is a national leader, an experienced trainer and speaker, and a consultant. Through her aforementioned roles, she has provided training programs across the US on topics of clinical breastfeeding, racial equity, first food justice, mentorship, power of collective impact and more.  Her previous experience includes national trainings for WIC and professional consultancies for WIC Loving Support Program and the Boston Medical College’s Communities and Hospitals Advancing Maternity Practices grant funded program.  She serves on the boards of the United States Breastfeeding Committee and the Florida State Breastfeeding Coalition, in addition to her work with Mom2Mom Global.

Her family is currently stationed at Hurlburt AFB and she is in the initial stages of starting a local Mom2Mom support group in the panhandle of Florida.

Global Education Director

Maria Batlle, Postpartum Doula, CLEC

Maria Batlle (pronounced “bat-yay”) was born in Virginia and is a Salvadoran by nationality, and the spouse of an Active Duty Coast Guardsman. She is an advocate for anything and all things related to breastfeeding, birthing, and maternal and child health. Maria breastfed both of her children, her son until 18 months and daughter until 48 months. She became interested in postpartum and breastfeeding support and certified as a Postpartum Doula and a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC). In addition, she founded Nursing Novi, an international line of nursing wear.  Maria believes in empowering women and the sisterhood that comes with motherhood. She is bilingual in Spanish and grateful to utilize that skill in order to connect with mothers in her community and beyond.  Maria worked in a WIC clinic in Oakland, CA as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, where she was inspired by local moms who really needed support and understanding of all the benefits that come with breastfeeding.  She has also served as an ombudsman in support of USCG families.  Maria is excited to be a part of the Mom2Mom Global team to help expand breastfeeding support for all military families and servicemembers.

Director of Development

Emma Lauer, CLC

Emma became involved in Mom2Mom KMC soon after the birth of her first son in 2013. The peer support from Mom2Mom was instrumental in her successfully breastfeeding her son until he self-weaned.  She soon became a peer mentor and then eventually became the Events Coordinator for Mom2Mom KMC and earned her CLC in 2014. She had her second child (a daughter) in late 2014. Although absent from Mom2Mom since PCSing to the States in 2015, she has continued to give breastfeeding support to local moms in the military communities where she's been stationed.  She served and the New Chapter Manager for Mom2Mom Global from March-October 2017 and is now the Chapter Director.

Emma now lives in France, with her husband and 4 young children.  The oldest have weaned, but she is currently tandem nursing her 2 year old son and infant daughter.

Global Chapter Director

Heather P. Gant, MBA

Heather Gant became involved with Mom2Mom KMC in 2012 after a difficult breastfeeding journey with her first child.  Though exclusive breastfeeding was not a possibility for Heather, she strongly shared Mom2Mom’s vision and completed the certification for CLC to help other mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.  Heather increased her involvement with the organization by serving as Mom2Mom’s Newsletter Coordinator until she relocated stateside in late 2013.  As Finance Director for Mom2Mom Global, Heather brings years of account management experience. Heather holds an MBA from East Carolina University, specializing in health care management.


Heather lives in Fort Lee, Virginia with her husband, 5 year old son, and 2 year old daughter.  Due to supply issues, both children were both breastfed and formula fed.  Heather is grateful for the support she received from peers, CLCs, and IBCLCs as she navigated breastfeeding relationships that required supplementing.

Global Finance Director

Sharen Lee, ALC, CLC

Sharen Lee is an Air Force wife and mother of five breastfed children.  Her breastfeeding journey has covered two continents and struggles with tongue ties, food allergies, low weight gain, and other challenges, all of which has fueled her passion to support other military families in their breastfeeding journeys.  She served on the board of directors of Mom2Mom KMC and as the founding Ambassador for Mom2Mom Colorado Springs, and in addition to her duties as Executive Administrative Assistant, she also serves as a Mom2Mom Global member representative to the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee.  Sharen is an Advanced Lactation Consultant studying to become an occupational therapist.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Selina Maldonado, BA, CLC

Selina is an Air Force spouse and mother of three boys, nursing the first until the age of 3.5 and currently tandem nursing her 3 year old and infant. She first became involved in a local breastfeeding support group founded by another spouse and friend. Inspired by the difficulties she faced in the early weeks with her first child and her friend’s knowledge, she pursued her own certification as a CLC. She continued on with the breastfeeding support group which eventually became Mom2Mom Bavaria. She initially served as the Program Director, then as the Outreach Director. Selina currently lives in Georgia, and is the Social Media Manager of the joint admin team for Mom2Mom Global, Breastfeeding in Combat Boots, and the Military Breastfeeding Network.

Social Media Manager

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