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Mom2Mom Global Social Media Manager

Position Description

Mom2Mom Global, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing breastfeeding peer support, education, and advocacy to military families, seeks several qualified candidates for the volunteer position of Social Media Manager.  The annual operating budget for Mom2Mom Global is approximately $10,000.  This is a volunteer position, as are all leadership positions within Mom2Mom Global, in keeping with our commitment to keep overhead costs as low as possible.  Mom2Mom Global is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and welcomes candidates from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and develop social media growth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Reports to Outreach Director on development of social media strategic planning, using metrics and analytics for each social media platform and SEO

  • Update members of the Mom2Mom Global/Breastfeeding in Combat Boots Joint Admin Team on evolving social media strategies

  • Liaise with M2MG Chapters and BFinCB to pull content that is relevant from within the organization and encourage internal sharing

  • Liaise as necessary with other board members/staff to cross-promote fundraising initiatives, educational content, and chapter activities 

  • Assists in management of Joint Admin Team:

    • Provide Admin backup when necessary to ensure 100% coverage

    • Responds to questions from Admins on content, comment moderation, assistance with interactions with the public, or any other questions

    • Facilitates inter-admin sharing of knowledge

    • Requests clarification or direction from Outreach Director when necessary

Qualified candidates must possess LEAARC-approved lactation credential or obtain a credential within one year. Candidates must already possess enough lactation knowledge and savvy to recognize reliable sources from which to share information on social media.  Candidates must be familiar with military culture, protocols, and realities of military life.  Military affiliation (DOD ID-cardholder) preferred.

Qualified candidates must be excellent managers, with the ability to lead a virtual team.  Must be knowledgeable about social media, marketing, SEO, and content development. Strong written communication skills, diplomacy, conflict resolution experience, and the ability to maintain professionalism as the voice of the organization are imperative.  Candidates must possess creativity, graphic design skills, the ability to develop social media campaigns, memes, graphics, videos and hashtags around breastfeeding-related topics.  Qualified candidates must be able to work independently and to fully participate in a collaborative leadership team of strong-minded individuals, and to express themselves in writing and in person with both candor and tact, and be familiar and comfortable with working remotely using cloud technology and organizational platforms.  This position reports to the Mom2Mom Global Outreach Director.

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